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Yeah, I Missed the 2019 Sky Photo and Yeah, I Have Regrets

December 6, 2017

Next semester, I will be taking leave from Brown to pursue an internship. This has caused me to reflect on my 2.5 years here, and think about whether I should have done anything differently. I will say I deeply regret one thing: skipping the 2019 Sky Photo during my first year.

Sky Photo is this thing during orientation where the first-year students all organize on a field, writing out their class year. Here is the one for my class, that I missed:

Students get free shirts with their class year on the back for participating in Sky Photo. I often see people walking around campus in their Sky Photo shirts, and I think, geez, I missed out on something, didn’t I? Why didn’t I go to Sky Photo? I remember reading it in the orientation booklet and thinking it sounded cool, but then I got distracted by something. What was it? Sleeping? Watching Breaking Bad? Wallowing because I missed my family and college is scary and a gateway to a life of uncertainty? Yeah, wait no, it’s definitely that last one.

I decided to amend this feeling of missing out by creating my own Sky Photo. I asked fellow Rib writer Nicole Martinez to take some pictures of me from the little balcony overlooking the entrance to the CIT, and then used my incredibly advanced editing skills to create my Sky Photo. Here is the result:

See? I don’t need the rest of the class of 2019 to be present to make a Sky Photo! I don’t need a lifelong memory from my first week at Brown! And I definitely don’t need that silly shirt! Nope, no way, don’t even want it a little bit! Haha!

After making my 2019 Sky Photo, I realized that Brown is really missing out on some prime advertising opportunities with this whole Sky Photo thing. Why only write class year? Check this out:

That’s the Brown logo, but in Sky Photo form. Why stop there? What about an elaborate proposal?

Or making a connection with today’s cool millennials by engaging in meme culture?

Or debating something that happened fifteen years ago?

All things are possible with Sky Photo, and I’m sorry President Paxson, but you are really missing out on the full potential of this medium. I will accept a 2019 Sky Photo shirt as payment for my research. If that’s impossible, I encourage any reader from my devoted fan base in possession of a 2019 Sky Photo to give it to me as a parting gift.

Images via, via, and Sam Crausman.

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