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A Valentine’s Day Card for the Guy You’re Kind of with but Not Really Sure???

February 16, 2017


Dear Dan,

I know we aren’t like, together together, and we don’t have a label on it—not that “it” is really anything at all, like totally no big deal, very fluid, you know—or anything, but I just wanted to give you this card on this day, which is today. Not trying to put pressure on either of us, but I felt kind of weird not saying anything at all if you get what I mean and thought maybe you just didn’t want to be the one to say something first so I figured I’d just jump right in and go for it haha! But we aren’t together or anything so it’s not a big deal anyway, right? Like it’s not a big deal that I’m saying anything—I didn’t mean it’s not a big deal that we’re not together—because I thought it would just be fun and funny to give you this card. And we’re just playing things by ear. And being super casual. Que sera sera!!!!!! We are so chill, and I LOVE that!

So, anyway, just wanted to give you this card to say hi, check in, see how things were going on your end, wanted to say I appreciate our Snapchat streak. You know, just the usual HI! And thanks for being you, you person you! I like this thing!! That we have. The thing we have.

Anyway (<— woops already said that so had to cross it out haha) So, at the end of the day (not this day because this day means nothing haha just like when people say “at the end of the day” as a general euphemism of sorts, that’s the one I mean) I am glad that this is what it is! And this card means absolutely nothing. It’s not related to any holiday or color or bodily organ. Wait but I don’t mean that inappropriately. I don’t want you to think I think that this is solely sexual, because I don’t at all, I basically just wanted to give this to you to say hi, and that’s about it. I was referring to hearts when I said that because this card doesn’t even have any hearts on it at all. Actually just forget about it. Really like don’t worry at all. Not that you were worried because we’re so low key and do our own thing that there’s nothing you should ever have to worry about because why would there be. Anyway, Thanks for dinner!

Have a great day, whatever day it is!!
Yours truly

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