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Six Hot/Cool Springter Fashion Trends

April 16, 2014

March 20th may have been the first day of spring, but that hasn’t stopped the New England climate from bombarding us with polar vortex after polar vortex and obnoxiously irregular snowstorms.

But fear not, fashion fiends–just because the weather looks bad doesn’t mean you have to! In honor of this awkward transition between seasons, I’ve coined the term Springter. To commemorate this new season, here’s a compiled list of the hottest looks for that consistent 45 degrees and cloudy weather.

Dress Made Entirely of Ankle Boots


Black, brown, leather, suede–you name it! Everyone from your dean to your mom wore ankle boots this winter. Keep the hot trend going in the spring by rocking a hip dress made entirely of the cutest booties! Pair it with an ankle boot cardigan for class, and when the sun goes down, throw on some flashy ankle boot earrings for a night on the town with your ankle boot-clad girlfriends!

DIY Beanie Dress


Take your favorite knit beanie from cold weather to cool weather with some DIY tricks sure to add some personal flair to your look! Cut arm and neck holes out of the beanie and slip it right over your head. Stretchy and snug? Probably. Hip and trendy? Definitely!

A T-Shirt with Olaf from Frozen


A graphic tee says, “I’ve got a great sense of humor and I like to have a good time!” Everyone’s favorite snowman from Pixar’s hit musical says, “I’m not really sure what season it is.” You could dress it up with a cropped jacket, but why would you? The cold never bothered you anyway.

Your Winter Coat Covered In Pastels


If we learned one thing from the top fashionistas, it’s that pastels are all the rage this spring. Get that expensive coat from your mom up to speed by staining it with pastels! Oil or chalk will do the trick just fine. Don’t worry if mom seems upset with what you did–she’s just jealous that you’re the hip one.

Taco Bell Beefy 5-Layer Burrito


Everyone knows that layering is essential for those breezy spring days. Spice up your look and your stomach with this faux Mexican fast food staple–because sometimes, dishing out $8 for that Chipotle burrito isn’t worth it.

This Outfit From Givenchy’s New York Fashion Week Show


Look at that fur, the gorgeous detail on that dress, the… who am I kidding, I can’t afford that. Hopefully H&M will have a knockoff.

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