My Favorite Flirting

April 21, 2014


I don’t miss much about being single. I love my partner – we’ve been going strong for a while now. But let me tell you, when a single friend showed me this text exchange, I melted. There really isn’t anything better than text flirting. And then, it hit me: if there’s one (and only one) thing I miss, it’s text flirting.

Here’s four reasons why text flirting is the best thing ever (and you should miss it, too): 

1. (Most) everyone is bolder in text than they are in person. There’s something about typing your thoughts onto a little screen that brings out a bit more sass and spice. I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t say to my flirtee’s face, “I want to kiss you,” when we’ve been hooking up for less than a week. But in three one-liner texts with the number “2″ and a “u”? Maybe, just maybe.

2. It’s kinda like sexting, but without the “that’s-kind-of-slutty-but-kind-of-cool-I’m-not-sure-how-I-feel-about-it” stigma.

3. It’s just so damn cute! Everyone is giddy when they get a flirty text. You know I’m right. Your eyes light up, you get that goofy ear-to-ear smile, and oops! Maybe even let out a chuckle. Sounds like your day can’t go wrong after that.

4. Emojis.

Single ladies, enjoy text flirting while you can. Eventually it’ll evolve into a long string of “Chinese tonight? Y/n/m”

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