Meet the Rib

Elizabeth Purington — Editor

Elizabeth grew up on a dairy farm and developed a strong love of dairy products and an even stronger hatred of cows. She also has a short-complex despite being an average height human.

Daniella Balarezo — Editor

Daniella is from Texas, but she’s a Democrat! She swears! She misses Mexican cuisine more than her Mexican family. She loves coffee only with her oxygen, and quotes things/ makes puns only whenever she speaks.

Allie Arnold — Editor

Allie is an ugly duckling recently turned sexy swan and the maniac behind the “physics textbook snapchats” of 2013. She’s also usually the friend that your parents think is a bad influence.

Ali MacLeod — Video Editor

Ali’s list of debilitating fears includes tornadoes, tunnels, loneliness, semi-trucks, the crushing reality of her own mortality, and butterflies. She’s no closer to overcoming them than she is to learning differential calculus.

Sarah Clapp — Managing Editor, Graphics Editor

Sarah is passionate about cookies, lip synching on ellipticals and her hypothetical collection of ABBA records. She is yet to live down the dance she choreographed to Boulevard of Broken Dreams as an elementary schooler, and doesn’t think she ever will.

Asha Franchi — Social Media Editor

Asha meticulously plans every minute of her day, but mainly spends it lying in bed wondering what she’s doing with her life. She convinces herself that she exercises by wearing athleisure while watching Netflix.

Monika Rajagopalan — Staff Writer

Monika is from North Carolina, so she perpetually craves sweet tea and any food that’s mostly butter. She loves asking people their favorite movies but doesn’t do it often since she can’t pick one herself.

Nicole Martinez — Staff Writer

Nicole hails from the swamplands of Florida. She enjoys mint-chocolate chip ice cream, suspects she is at least 1/6th Hobbit, and believes Monica and Chandler were a better couple than Ross and Rachel.

Abby Neuschatz — Staff Writer

Abby is from San Francisco—yes the city, not the suburbs (looking at you, Marin kids). She’s an avid cheese lover, an SVU fanatic, and she spent all of 4th grade strictly speaking in a Russian accent.

Elizabeth McClellan — Staff Writer

Ice cream is Elizabeth’s true passion. When she’s not using running on the treadmill at the gym as an excuse to watch Netflix on her phone, she’s thinking about her six cats back home.

Sam Crausman — Staff Writer

Sam is an expert at high-fives and low-fives, but mid-fives are her trouble spot. She is fergalicious (you know the definition) and allergic to kiwis. Who likes hairy fruit anyway?

Leeron Lempel — Staff Writer

Leeron has no personal accomplishments of which to speak, so she piggybacks on the fact that her grandfather is partially responsible for the invention of the GIF. Seriously. Look it up. You’re welcome.

Suzanne Antoniou — Staff Writer

Suzanne has an overwhelming obsession with dairy products, coupled with debilitating lactose intolerance. She has used greentomboi97 as her username for everything since age 7, and may or may not still have a Neopets account.

Dana Schneider — Staff Writer

Dana eats what would probably be described by most health professionals as “excessive” amounts of assorted nut butters and has been compared to Meryl Streep exactly twice in her life.

Caroline Zerilli — Staff Writer

Caroline’s childhood business was pulling her friends’ teeth in the school bathroom during recess, but she’ll deny it if anyone ever asks.

Katherine Oré-Girón — Staff Writer

Katherine’s main goal in life is to throw hands with a kangaroo. Although she might settle for fighting an abnormally large guinea pig that looks like a kangaroo.

Maddie Critz — Staff Writer

Just a gal with a song in her heart and cat hair on all her goddamn black clothes. Vegan except for fish because fuck fish. Quirky or purely unsettling, depending on your attitude.

Katrianna Okamoto — Staff Writer
Priya P — Staff Writer

Priyanka prefers being called Priya, never Prius, considers herself to be a prolific Buzzfeed quiz taker, and when she’s not musing over her own mortality, she likes to FaceTime her cat, Hugo.

Isabel Brodsky — Staff Writer

Isabel subsists entirely off of black olives but can still be found hitting the pavement for a jog, which contributes greatly to her muscular physique.

Christina Vasquez — Staff Writer

Kristina DeGiovanni — Contributing Writer

Kristina is an aggressive Pennsylvanian and closeted 75-year-old who’s always kind of wanted to try prunes. Her first words were “push me,” not because she’s a masochist but because she was in a wagon.

Allie Greenberg — Contributing Writer

Allie is a self-proclaimed SNL enthusiast. She mentions skits and cast members as if she were one of them. She’s also Jewish, which she uses as her excuse for her unhealthy obsession with lox.