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On “The Hill”

On "The Hill"

I Called Facilities to Replace Blueno’s Lightbulb

November 22, 2017

Something about campus hasn’t felt quite right lately. A bitter chill in the fall air? Lack of adequate seating in the Ratty at prime hours? Fire drills in New Dorm B at 8:30am on a Monday? Although all are true, it feels as if something has permeated deeper, shaken Brown to its core. I finally figured out why when walking through campus the other night. Blueno’s lightbulb has burned out.

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Why Self-Care Should Count as an Extracurricular Activity

November 15, 2017

The age-old question: does self-care count as an extracurricular activity?

I’m here to explore the various facets of self-care and tell you why you should invest in a chocolate cake instead of applying to yet another student group. In just a few short minutes (shorter than the average minute, I promise) you too can learn how to add self-care to your lengthy list of student activities.  Continue Reading…

Life & Other Drugs, On "The Hill"

Thanksgiving Break: 4 Days or 4 Weeks?

November 13, 2017

Across America, people celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to eat delicious food, spend time with family, and buy obscenely expensive plane tickets home (k maybe not that last one). But in college, Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning. Right when we begin to reach that point in the semester when we literally cannot deal, Thanksgiving rolls around and gives us a much-needed break. Many of us get the chance to go home for the first time since August and eat a real home-cooked meal.

As a senior, I’ve realized that like many things in college, the meaning of Thanksgiving Break changes during these four years. One year you can’t believe that your grades won’t drop if you miss a lecture, and the next year you skip half your lectures in November and hope your professor is still feeling thankful to have you in their class. It’s pretty easy to tell what year someone is based on their approach to Thanksgiving Break: Continue Reading…

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Not Your Grandmother’s Senior Scramble

November 12, 2017

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my Rib articles this semester, you’ll know I’m slowly spiraling into an endless void of anxiety and existentialism as the reality of graduation looms ever closer. My senioritis hasn’t quite kicked in yet, so the whole thing’s been pretty terrifying so far. One thing I guess I have to look forward to as a perpetually single lady is Senior Scramble. Although there is that one minor problem which is…I don’t really want to do Senior Scramble the way we know it as, as a last ditch hook up attempt.

I want to propose an alternative option of Senior Scramble for people, like myself, that are still wrapped up in that big blanket of monogamy and emotions and insecurities. I know it’s not just me that wants this! I know there are people out there that aren’t personally super jazzed about casual hooking up! Or so my therapist tells me!

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Cutlery Hypocrisy

November 8, 2017

In the lovely bathroom of Sears House, a new resident had fully moved in. Perched atop the shelf below the mirror was a shiny, freshly cleaned spoon. It had stayed in this arrangement for a little over a month, greeting each bathroom-goer with a metallic glare in its eyes. It became an established facet of our bathroom.

I began to wonder how in the world this spoon had moved in—it can’t actually move and it surely had to have come from somewhere else, other than the bathroom. Thus, my CSI-level sleuthing began. Continue Reading…

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The Toilet That Fought Back

November 6, 2017

It’s the first day of classes and you wake up from your three-hour slumber–hopefully a bit longer but probably not–ready to settle into your porcelain throne. The one moment of your day where you are truly alone with your thoughts, shielded from the harsh world by two plastic walls. This is it. You relieve yourself and prepare to go about your day, but not before flushing, of course. You can’t quite remember pushing down on the lever but suddenly your jeans are ruined with a smattering of toilet water. The sacred nature of the bathroom has been defiled. And to add insult to injury, this toilet has the nerve to require a second flush! Horrifying! Geez, say it don’t spray it! Continue Reading…