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Life & Other Drugs, On "The Hill"

Old MacDonald Had a Dorm

February 15, 2018

In imagining my perfect junior year life, my mental wanderings have all included two key features: (1.) living off-campus (2.) with some sort of creature-companion. As I recently received notice that I am #217 on the waitlist for off-campus housing, the former is looking potentially dubious, but I hear nothing leads to more change than blind hope in the system—so here’s to hope!! This potentially disheartening news, however, hasn’t stopped my internal considerations (and notebook doodling) of what would be the best pet to have while in college. So, please refer to this detailed pros/cons list the next time you’re faced with the tough decision of which pet to (potentially illegally) harbor in your ramen-riddled abode. Continue Reading…

Life & Other Drugs, On "The Hill"


February 10, 2018

Are you funny? Do your friends think your funny? Does your mom tell you you’re funny? Think you’d like to write a post or draw a graphic a week for Brown’s only comedy site penned exclusively by womxn and people of other marginalized genders?

Then apply to The Rib! We are taking Staff Writers and Illustrators for Spring 2018!

No prior comedy writing/illustrating experience necessary — we ESPECIALLY encourage people of color to apply!

The application can be found here:…/1fSyfRc6H0bXTY7e4kJAqhX_Qmhz…/edit

Apps are due *FEBRUARY 13 by MIDNIGHT.*

E-mail us at with any questions, or send us a FB message!

Image via Sarah Clapp.

Love & Romance, On "The Hill"

Finding “The One” In College

February 9, 2018

I came into college with all sorts of grand ideas about what it would be like: the cool people I’d meet, the interesting classes I’d get to take, the Pinterest-worthy dorm rooms I would decorate. And of course, like any self-respecting hopeless romantic, I had dreams of finding everlasting love – I came to Brown looking for “the one.” There have been bumps and potholes in the road, but I’ve learned so much along the way about finding the fairytale ending we’re all hoping for. To my fellow Brunonians, the dreamers and believers, who are in search of “the one”—your one and only study spot—let me offer you these words of advice. Continue Reading…