Free the Bra


It’s dinnertime, and my family is casually sitting at the table when my dad interrupts the conversation for a breaking announcement. “I have a million-dollar idea,” he said. (He has one about twice a day.) “Kids, after this one, we’re gonna be rich.” “What is it, dad?” “BRAS. Bras with interchangeable straps, and you can buy them in all different... Read More

Stealing Stuff


Everyone steals stuff. Stealing has an unwarranted negative stigma these days, largely because people conflate “stealing” with “shoplifting.”  In reality, forms of stealing that do... Read More

Raising Your Dad


Dad. Where to even begin. That poor lost soul, thrust into the world of parenthood without an inkling of what to expect. The terrifying idea that... Read More



We need to talk about girls talking about masturbation. Sure, we can talk about girls masturbating too, if you want. But what we REALLY need... Read More