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Catfished: Lumiere Was Hotter as a Candle


Beauty and the Beast is a controversial children’s movie about Stockholm Syndrome where man lies with man, woman lies with beast, and inanimate objects lie in wait to become human again. Amidst all of this controversy I would like to raise one additional concern, and that is that Lumiere was... Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Prime! 5 Fun Things to Buy with Your Squad 2020 Amazon Gift Card that Will Help You Forget You’re a Snitch


Squad 2020 is a survey open to first-year Brown University students with questions about their drug and alcohol use as well as that of their friends. Despite the repeated assertions in the survey that all answers are completely confidential, there’s nothing particularly confidential-feeling about putting in the first and last names... Read More

I Hate Kids


The thing that freaks me out about kids is that they’re pretty transparent. You can tell if they are lying and you can tell if they just want attention and you can tell if they are going to grow up to be a huge ass.  And then there are some... Read More